Searching The Night

A Lance Broken


With the knowledge that they had some time to prepare, they rough out a rudimentary ambush. Not much time passes before some arrows fly forth, paralyzing Leven and Brytl, knocking them out completely. The enemy is still cloaked, Cedrick uses detect magic and realizes there are two figures at the keep entrance. The party makes a mad dash forward, launching spells and attacks at the area. They sap the strength and power of Lance while Kato attempts to apprehend the gnome wizard, both of which lose their invisibility. Cedrick seals Lance in the dagger he received from Xaniril, taking him out of the fight and severing the mind control Lance had on the gnome cleric accomplice. Zaekai tries to reason with Kato to stop before he finishes off the gnome. Cedrick explains what his dagger does and the rest of the group says his idea is no good, they need to kill him now. They heal their wounds and buff up some before releasing lance from the prison by having one of Cedrick’s zombies stabbed. All members now prepared to unleash devastating attacks, Lance quickly falls to Cedrick’s shadow cohort, Void, becoming a shadow himself. He explains he was not the one who killed Egar Jr, and actually genuinely wanted their aid in his own personal army. Lance, who had already unlocked the portal door, helps them avoid damage from a trap he set as well, proving already somewhat useful to his new masters. The only thing left to do is to enter the portal, and start off in the new land.


Obison Zaergo

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