Searching The Night

A Restless Night


Part of the group wanders about the area, inspecting the buildings while Inixia and Zaekai try to understand the strange darkness. Disgusted with the result of the battle, Kato heads back to the militia’s campsite to have them come back and tear down the bugbear camp. Cedrick passes by the darkness and it slowly dissipates, undead creatures of some kinds emerge and offer their services to him. Cedrick’s shadow kills some of the bugbears, creating additional shadows under its control while he raises some skeletons from the other dead bugbears. Kato brings back Airl and the peasants, who aid cedrick’s minions with the process of tearing down the buildings. Airl introduces her new pet and explains that her powers have awakened. They bring the bugbear’s supplies and camp back to Grace Grove and seek out lord Victor. Victor acts strangely and Zaekai senses a magical aura about him, and moves to dispel it. After more examination, the group assumes that the magical effect may have been a shield of sorts and that the North may attack that night. The party arrange for the lord to stay the night in the castle, and for the guard to be bolstered within and outside. Egar teleports in and protects the castle from magical teleportation, opting to stay the night and explain the mission to check the portal to Zombane. Brytl produces the strange map they had found at the bugbear camp, and Egar identifies it as an ancient map of the land, including some of the Zombane land. Zaekai sets up his first Corellon shrine while Kato sells goods collected from the fort.


Obison Zaergo

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