Searching The Night

An Unsurpassable Enemy?


Combat begins between the group and they realize after several attempts that their attacks simply do not connect with either enemy and the enemies’ attacks inflict no harm. Inixia charges off and destroys the remaining supply buildings, finding rations and other equipment. Zaekai uses detect magic and realizes that the creatures before them are made up of some type of necromantic energy. Unable to restrain these bugbears, they move toward each other once more and Zaekai sees the auras overlap. Suddenly, they inflict some serious damage and are susceptible to damage themselves. At this point, Inixia breaks the last building down and discovers a truly strange darkness that emanates from inside. Deciding to not investigate further, she decides to head back to the rest of the group who exchange fierce blows with the conjured bugbears. Lord Victor in Grace Grove, uses a powerful magic to restore the strength and abilities of the group as they continue their onslaught. The magical bugbears are slowly being bested by the party’s effort, and they begin to split apart from each other. Kato uses a flight ability to chase the one fleeing into the forest while Inixia tries to grapple the one heading the opposite way into the camp. They cannot keep up with these creatures of speed, the one before Kato hides and he heads back to the camp. The one Inixia was keeping inside Cedrick’s swarm simply disappears from sight. Some anger sets in as they kill some of the remaining, cowardly bugbears. While the depression of defeat sets in to the main party, Airl’s powers awaken during intense combat and the citizens continue to flee toward the camp they setup earlier that day.


Obison Zaergo

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