Searching The Night

Good times in Gurhana


Our heroes travel for a week before finally reaching a small city they recognize as Gurhana from their maps. They decide to stay the day there, to relax and clean up. Kato and Cedrick case possible establishments to steal from while Zaekai spreads the word of Corellon at the town hall of this small city. Brytl decides to start speaking with natural vermin in the sewers after reading a bit of his new book and is soon ambushed. These halflings manage to force Brytl away after some lengthy combat, but Kato and Cedrick manage to finish them off. Having warned the guard about this possibility, Cedrick raises a fuss with the governor over the matter. In the end, it would appear these halflings are hired men from Grace Grove sent to take out Brytl and Winston. With no other leads to go on, they decide to rest this night at the inn and continue to Grace Grove.


Obison Zaergo

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