Searching The Night

On the Road Again


As our adventures prepare to leave Gurhana they run into a halfling that invites them for breakfast. They find out his name is Xaniril and he is from Grace Grove. Even after what happened the previous night with the other halflings Xaniril asked the party if he can join them in their trip back to Grace Grove. The party agrees to take him to Grace Grove for 500 gold. They eat breakfast than get ready to set out. Other than a run in with a pack of wolves, two of which were dire wolves, the trip went by without much problem. About a day from Grace Grove Xaniril thanks the party and pays them their money before leaving to visit an unnamed friend who lives in the woods by Grace Grove. Once Xaniril takes off into the woods Brytl disguises himself to look like Zaekai and takes off into the woods with Cedrick to follow Xaniril. After a few minutes of following Xaniril, Brytl loses track of where he went and starts to search for him without any success. Xaniril shows himself as Brytl is looking and starts to question why Brytl was following him, thinking it was Zaekai of course. After a few minutes of talking Cedrick decides to stop the questioning by summoning a swam of wasps to attack Xaniril. After getting stung Xaniril takes off and doesn’t stop until Cedrick talks as his normal self and also reveals himself. After talking for a few more minutes in the woods Xaniril leads Brytl and Cedrick back to the camp. Before Xaniril leaves Cedrick reveals his true name is and is given a dagger from Xaniril.


Obison Zaergo

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