Searching The Night

The Number One Threat to Halavent.... BUGBEARS!


Having retrieved an attack schedule from this lot of bugbears, the group readies the wagon and moves to attack them instead, notifying the actual caravan to stay behind. Cedrick begins creating a new minion while Brytl has a strangely real vision of his past. The group wreck their wagon into this bugbear ambush. After some intense combat, Egar places Cedrick and Brytl into the fight as well, sensing danger. The fight persists for a while, but ends with the bugbears’ defeat. Cedrick manages to charm one and convince it to work as an underling for him. Striking a hard bargain, the bugbear Rock joins the group as they make way back to Grace Grove. They clear Rock’s name within the government and inform Victor about the bugbears’ headquarters. Agreeing on a price that works for both parties, they relax that day and prepare some of the citizens for a large scale assault while collecting some new goodies from Egar.


Obison Zaergo

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