Searching The Night

The Sleeping Dracolich


Our heroes finish last minute business in Grace Grove before taking Egar’s teleport back to Forest Lake. With no delay, they set off back to the old mine that was infested with goblins, to once more rid it of any unsavory interlopers. After some investigation, it appears that the mine is still clear and they begin shifting away the rocks at the end of the mine. Cedrick orders Rock to have this mine setup to be used once more while his shadows begin searching the long halls deep within the mine. By nightfall, his shadows discover a large undead creature of sorts that they cannot clearly identify. The group make way to this entrance and discover a sleeping, undead dragon that Cedrick mentions is a dracolich. He moves forward, leaving the rest behind and speaks to it, using the dark speech. Some conversation proves to Cedrick that this dracolich is indeed powerful and Egar mentions that this creature was likely the one that he had sealed many years ago to end the great dragon war. Cedrick agrees that he will do anything in his power to free this creature from his cell if he aims his attacks at the north and he shakes with the dracolich sealing the deal. The rest of the group plead with Cedrick that it is not a wise idea to let out a powerful entity that they cannot control and they begin working their way back to the surface.


Obison Zaergo

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