Airl Brightbract

Female Elven Druid


A 90 year old elven commoner native to the outskirts of Forest Lake and frequent visitor of the U inn. She is gifted with long, dark brown hair, golden brown eyes, an anatomy including modest curves along with acrobatic talent and astonishing intellect. Airl is the daughter of one of the local blacksmiths of the city, Kelien Brightbract. She spends much of her time either listening to stories of wizards and sorcerers in town or helping and learning from her mother, Ioniel Brightbract. Ioniel, a ranger and warden of the woods, is responsible for much of what Airl knows of the world beyond the city, including the inhabitants of the forests and lake. Airl, throughout youth, is called on to assist her mother on missions to maintain the balance of the land, whether it be quelling dangerous creatures or protecting a species in need.

Drawn to the nature of magic, daydreams of becoming a full-fledged mage occasionally fill her mind while in the woods. Despite her wandering mind, she remains attentive to whatever task is at hand and picks up skills to survive in nature from her mother. When in town, she finds herself captivated by the wandering bards’ songs of adventurers and heroes of the land. The thought of adventure and exploration beyond the woods is more like a fantasy than a reality though; the dangers one may face in the wilds is great and defeat typically comes with loss of life, a fact she becomes familiar with while at work. Content with her normal lifestyle, she lives as a citizen of Forest Lake until one fateful night.

Tonight is a girl’s night out, something Airl cherishes as she doesn’t get many chances to have fun with her friends. A calm and warm night puts them all in high spirits and after spending a few hours at some of the finer tailor shops. Celaria and Lorendi, the energetic ones in their little group, had finally grown tired of looking at the fancy gowns crafted for display. The night still being young, Raevel makes a proposal to get a table at the U inn. Airl, quite fond of the cozy place, readily agrees and they make way there. Some time after they’ve begun enjoying their ales, an unusual party enters the common room and raises some excitement. Bringing news of the goblin infestation’s removal caused most of the people to shout in joy and rounds of ale and beer are sent around the room merrily. The elven male in the party of adventurers carefully makes his way to the table to introduce himself.

As soon as he has their attention, a male catfolk tumbles over right behind him and speaks first. “This elf, skilled and true in combat slew hundreds of the goblins! Striking fear into the lot of them, they couldn’t help but turn and run, a true warrior among men, it’s Zaekai!” he says giving the elf a few hard pats on the back. Just as quickly as the catfolk appeared next to them, he tumbles away to another table to continue telling the tale of the goblin defeat. Celaria and Lorendi swoon over the well dressed, savvy catfolk character, and try to catch up to him. Raevel follows close behind, trying to stick with the group. Airl decides to remain seated however, looking over this elf who introduces himself after a moment as Zaekai Cloude. She feels drawn to him after talking for a while over their drinks, he is very confident and good looking as well. He soon explains his motivation for adventuring, something similar to a concept but instead a god called Corellon. Listening intently to his story as she would a bard’s, she also learns that he works for the old and powerful lord Egar.

“I would like to meet Egar and learn more about your lord” she says, regaining control of her faculties after hearing the shocking news. “I can arrange a meeting with him tomorrow if you would like. I have questions for him myself. I’m staying here for the night, you can meet up with us in the morning” he replies. Sheer joy and excitement fills her as she hugs him uncontrollably and dashes out of the inn to her house. ‘This is the start of my adventure, I’m sure of it! I can finally see the world!’ she says to herself, building her emotions up higher while forgetting everything else, including the friends she went to the inn with.

Opinions of Characters Met

Kato: A funny and debonair catfolk with a ruthless side to him. After traveling with the group for a while, I’ve come to realize he’s very reliable with this silver tongue though. I look forward to continuing to work with him. I can’t help but wonder what he does in his spare time.

Cedrick: Dangerous halfling with clearly sinister intent. Commanding armies of undead causes the wildlife to shudder away, which makes me sad. I’m not sure if he has good intent or not as well, even though he’s a part of our group he seems to have ulterior motives, maybe just a lust of power. Nevertheless, his minions have protected me in the past, and I’ll do what I can to repay the kindness he has shown.

Inixia: An immensely powerful centaur woman that has a knack for survival and inventing good card games. I get along with her well and look up to her in a way… after all she is more in tune with the natural world than any of the other members. Her strength serves as a shining beacon, giving us faith and inspiration to carry forward on the fight. I think we’re forming a bond of friendship, gathering berries and talking with her has helped pass time when travel proves uneventful.

Brytl: A strange man this one. He wields odd arcane power and has a fascination for creatures most people would find unattractive. He rarely talks and mostly sticks to his books though, I feel indifferent towards him. Zaekai recently told me that he is a skeleton suffering from visions of a past life? Even more strange… maybe we’ll learn about what he really is someday.

Zaekai: A handsome and lovable elven warrior that possesses Corellon’s gift. He opened up the path I now walk, one filled with adventure in the open world. We spend hours learning the dances favored by Corellon and he even helped me concentrate on magic. He has given me more than I can ever ask for, I’ll do anything I can for him. Although he doesn’t pray with me as often as he should, his faith to our god is unyielding. I’m so attached to him… I want to start a serious relationship with him, but he seems to be holding back. I won’t force the issue, but I yearn for him… maybe he will open up to me soon. I can only hope. Lateu’quor… was incredible! I will remember it for all my years, and look forward to those years at his side as well, Corellon willing.

Egar Sr: The esteemed lord of Helantha has now returned to the throne and I help Zaekai who works for him. He helped convince me of the existence of Corellon, an entity which is unknown apparently only to this land. One can’t help but bow when faced with the awesomeness of this magnificent lord, said to end the great dragon wars in Wyrmsbane, and travel beyond our continent of Halavent. His generousness to our party is great and I am happy to do what I can for him and our country.

Lance: A cocky elf with an eye for power and causing trouble, thankfully he is just a shadow now. He seems to be cooperative in his new form though, maybe my opinion of him will change.

Kelien: Yep, that’s my dad, one of the best blacksmiths in Forest Lake. He always scolds me for wandering around town or not helping mother. I know he means well though, I just wish he would give me some space. Now that I’m with the party, it would appear he acknowledges me as an adult. He’s a much more likable father now, I hope to return someday to the home with great stories that I can tell him.

Lord Victor: He’s trying to leave his post at Grace Grove and wants to go to Zombane. Although he helped us a bit on our mission, it’s really hard to say whether he has a cowardly or sinister intent with that goal. Still, he’s a lord and I will give him that much respect.

Leven: A welcome but apparently very shy addition to our party. He seemed to enjoy the recent celebration at least, especially when a few of the local elves pulled him aside to have a dance. The power at his hands is devastating too, the real question is why does he wield it? For now, the best I can do is stay on his good side until we know a bit more about him.

The Ant Queen: A cocky and disrespectful creature. He enslaved Zaekai’s mind and took him from me. Even though it was for a moment, I’m not fond of her at all, if it were up to me the whole nest would be exterminated. Maybe she can redeem herself by offering passage through the mountains. Corellon help her otherwise.

Airl Brightbract

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