- Prologue -

Years ago, the royal wizard of Cadon, Zombane put himself on the path to ultimate power.  As he became stronger and more confident in his abilities the power consumed any remaining empathy he posessed.  It was’t long before he took the throne but before he could solidify his reign he became the victim of his own conjurations in an epic battle with the Lords of the original Calmcali tribe.  During this attack, the city was destroyed however the reason for this is not common knowledge.

For nearly 5000 years, the wizard’s soul merely drifted…unable to cross over.  

- Fragile Beginnings -

RISE, SLAVE!” were the first words he could recall hearing.  Suddenly aware of his surroundings, he awoke to a tiny and frustrated man mumbling to himself.  Standing before him was a blonde halfing who poked and prodded him with a thigh bone while saying;  "What’s wrong with you?  What did I do wrong?"

“Where am I?  How did I get here?” asked the confused dreamer.
“I made you.” the halfling replied.
“Who am I?”
“You don’t know?”
“I don’t remember anything.”
Frustrated, the halfling retorted “Nevermind that…how are you even speaking?”
Confused, the dreamer replied “You don’t know who I am?”
“Well let’s figure that out. You’re made of bones from — let’s see here — that’s a bit of rat tail there and your leg is from a courier who lost his way.  I can’t recall where your ribcage is from…”

As he heard these strange words, he hurriedly lifted his boney hands to touch his face.  He felt nothing but noticed he could slide his skeletonized fingers into each eye socket with no resistance.  His head swarmed with questions that were quietly answered but an odd scuffling sound in his skull.  Before he could even think to find the originator of the disturbance he said,

“I’m a skeleton?  How is this possible?”
“You’re being held together by magic.” grinned the small man.

“Does this mean I’m rather brittle?”
“Well, you ARE made up of old bones…”
“Very well.  For now I can be called Brytl.  And who are you?”
Confidently, the halfling replied "Master. "  The halfling then turned away distracted and yelled: 
“Winston!  Come here, Winston!”

The dreamer, now revealed to be a re-incarnated composite skelton, looked around to find himself on a slab of stone in a dank sewer.  In the dim torch light, he could see a tall, scraggly human reluctantly walk in.  This must be Winston.  The halfling climbed onto Winston’s back and appeared to ride him like a common beast of burden.  In an instant, the halfling revealed a silver dagger and without hesitation, slit Winston’s throat.

As the bloody body slumped to the floor, the halfling nimbly dismounted.  
“Why did you do that?” asked the curious skeleton
“He failed me.” replied the halfling. It seemed obvious to the skeleton that failing ‘Master’ was to be avoided.  "Now I have a new body to try with!"

“What is it you do?”
“I’m an honorary member of those who procure various objects and treasures.” Brytl stared blankly (as skeletons do). The halfling cleared his throat, and said “I’m part of the thieves guild.  And you can come along.  You’re interesting and I should like to…study you.” With this, Master started pulling on Winston’s leg towards the exit.

If Brytl could posess a sense of humor, the image of the small halfling attempting to drag the body of his fallen assistant would have been quite comical.  Brytl stood shakily on his new legs and carefully walked over to Master.  He bent over and grasped one of Winston’s arms to help drag the body.

To this, Master exclaimed “Oh, thank you!  In return for your cooperation you can look at my books.” And with that, the pair left the chamber.


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