Egar Velanta


Growing up Egar always had a interest in magic. His mother and father were both elvan and had no magic background at all. Thinking he was going to have grow up as a farm hand Egar talked to a lot of the traders that can through town until he finally found a wizard that would take him as an apprentice. But he had to get permission from his parents for this wizard to take him under his wing. One night Egar approached his parents after dinner and told them what he wanted to do. Although disappointed that he didn’t want to run the farm his parents were not able to hold back their son from his dreams.

Egar’s master Shatiln Gladdenstone wasn’t the most powerful wizard but he had experience teaching young wizards. Although he was a halfing he was over 100 years old and had been training young wizards since he was about 30 years old. After traveling to Forest Lake for the first time with Shatiln he decided that after his training it would be his home. 10 years later Egar built Forest Lake Manor. During his travels Egar began to notice other species that he had not seen before. Goblin tribes, Cat like people, and Ash Elf. He know that other species existed but had not seen them before. This sparked his interest and began to study the rest of the world soon finding out there were other powerful civilizations.

Shortly after making his home near Forest Lake Egar set out to find these other civilizations. He journeyed far and wide but could not find anyone. This did not discourage him though, he was a very skilled wizard and was beginning to be a very skilled survivalist as well. After nearly a year of being away from home and going around in what seemed to be circles he decided to head home. On his way home he got a message from Shatiln telling him not to give up. This was the first time in almost 20 years he had heard from his old mentor and last he knew Shatiln had passed away. With this message he continued the search but this time felt different.

When Egar finally returned to Forest Lake he didn’t speak to anyone as to what happened when he was gone. His total journey took more than 2 years of time and he came back home with more books than anyone else known at the time. Shortly after his return he was visited by a friend from his childhood, Corstine. At one point he had been madly in love with her and even thought about not leaving his farm to be with her. He didn’t ask how she found him, all he cared about is that she was there. Three years later Corstine and Egar were married and short after had a son. They named him Egar Velanta Jr.

The only person Egar ever told about his adventures was his son. Egar is also the only known person to have a map of the entire world that he traveled. Egar took control of Helantha after Kevhand Silentread was forced to step down by the council of Helantha. He only had a short time as the leader of Helantha do to his age but appointed his son as the leader with the council’s permission.

Well known for his studies in magic. A lot of his items are used in the war against Gathina. His manor in Forest Lake is very well known for the defenses that are experimental in nature and always well guarded by highly qualified adventurers, many of which were previously in the Helantha army.

His son Egar Velanta Jr is also a wizard and has a shop in Forest Lake he also helps sell some of the items his father creates to the citizens of Forest Lake.

Egar Velanta

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