Heath Justar


Heath Justar is a direct descendant of Belkas Calmcali. Belkas Calmcali was Heath’s Great Great Grandfather, but for his own protection, Heath uses the surname Justar. Both Belkas’ father and grandfather had run Gathina before him. Both of them had died of assassinations and Heath did not want the same to happen to him.

Heath had a great childhood growing up. He and his friend Alion Mithereil were always close. Heath’s father was not around much because of him leading Gathina but growing up in the castle of Uthilwe he never had to worry about anything and always knew he would be controlling the capital one day. Heath and Alion grew through the ranks of the army together with Heath always being one step ahead of Alion due to his heritage.

After his father was assassinated Heath took his rightful place as leader of Gathina. He appointed his long time friend Alion to be commander of the Army and sent him on his first mission to Perlon. With his friend gone he headed to the Halavent Scar for the first time in his life. Seeing the scar for the first time made him want the world all to himself more. With this he started to draft all the boys and men old enough to fight to go to the Scar. He more than doubles the Gathina Army’s numbers.

Over the next few years Heath makes many trips to the scar but is not happy with the progress that is made and keeps feeding troops to the war. Being a cleric Heath also makes trips to the grave sites but no one knows why.


Heath Justar

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