Unerein Laedralen


Daughter of Vylorian Laedralen and Saree Orlone. Mother of Vye Laedralen.

Her father, Vylorian, apprenticed her in psionics while the two lived in Perlon.


Was the sole known survivor of the Perlon massacre at the hands of the Gathina calvary during The Great Psionic Purge. Commander Alion Mithereil lead the troops and enslaved Unewein, forcing her to live with him as a concubine. He raped her, causing her to become pregnant with Vye. To exact revenge Unewein attempted to assassinate Alion but was unsuccessful. She was sentenced to death but escaped and, in an effort to keep her son from Alion, she fled to the south. During the journey she vanished, and it is assumed that she died on the journey.

Unerein Laedralen

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