Vylorian Laedralen


Father of Unerein Laedralen and grandfather of Vye Laedralen.


For many years Vylorian lived in Uthilwe as a highly esteemed psion, and he helped run a small psionic academy with his friend Jandalar Farhai.

Shortly before the assassination of Heath Justar’s grandfather, Vylorian began noticing Jandalar acting differently, and the way Jandalar locked himself in his study and neglected his apprentices worried Vylorian. One night, while Jandalar slept, Vylorian joined him in his dreams, and the darkness he saw left him shaking in fear.

After the spell ended Vylorian quickly gathered his belongings and woke his students. They left the city before the sun rose, and settled in Perlon where they would be safe. Later that day the Lord was assassinated.

Vylorian and his apprentices were welcome in Perlon, and they added a level of protection that the village had never known. While there Vylorian met Saree Orlone and the two fell in love and had one child, Unerein Laedralen. Although Saree never trusted psionics, she always knew that Vylorian looked after her no matter where she was. However, despite his best efforts, he could not save her when she fell ill, and she passed away. Some time later Vylorian began apprenticing the young Unewein, in hopes that she could protect herself from the evils of the world.

It was believed that Vylorian perished when Perlon was destroyed during The Great Psionic Purge, however his remains were never found. His whereabouts are unknown.

Vylorian Laedralen

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