Zaekai Cloude

An elven favoured soul


Zaekai could not describe his parents too well beyond their first names, Janna and Teremir. He does remember the day they disappeared after a group of soldiers arrived at their home. The tension between the soldiers and his parents was noticable but they seemed friendly. Later that day they set off, never to return. Without purpose and assuming the worst, he wandered around receiving aid from the friendly elves in the area while protecting himself. He learned to concentrate and heal his wounds faster by touching the infected area and soon his knowledge about his power grew.

He was a 7 year old elven boy when first found staring at the sky by an elven cleric named Tenzai Dawntracker. A cold, rainy day for the fall season, Zaekai seemed to be in a trance and was lead into the church of Faith where Tenzai started learning about him. His parents were gone, presumably lost in the war and he did not know his surname. It was also clear that this child was gifted and able. Tenzai decided that he would teach him the ways of Faith and the power he could wield. He proceeded to bestow upon him the name of Cloude, as he always seemed to be staring at the sky.

Forserin is a simple hunting village nestled in the jungle southwest of Forest Lake. It provides resources – including strong bodies – to help with the war in the scar. The church of Faith can be found here, and is responsible for treating or curing wounds inflicted on soldiers and huntsmen. Zaekai learned the magic of healing through Tenzai and other clergy here, and assisted with these tasks of the church. He also had a knack for some swordplay, and would often spar with the other children of the village when he completed his duties. Tenzai recognized that he was capable of accomplishing more difficult tasks, yet still something worried him.

“Where does his power come from?” Tenzai would think to himself. He spent little time in front of the manuals and scrolls that taught the healing art, and yet utilized it masterfully. He didn’t need to concentrate on retaining the knowledge to cast his spells, he simply conjured the magic he needed when it was needed. “How is it possible, there must be some unknown secret inside him.” Regardless, he was a well loved and respected individual of the church and was treated as such, despite being such a young boy.

One night in Zaekai’s dreams he beheld a vision of a strong and kind elven knight. The elf carried about him a look of divine importance and had a figure worth revereing. At first he felt it was very strange, after all no creature could be so grand. Subsequent nights were longer and it became apparent that the knight was more than a vision, he was an entity being worshipped! Elves gathered around the statue and spread his name… Corellon Larethian… There must be some meaning to these vivid dreams Zaekai thought as he awoke. “I believe in Faith… and also the Faith I have in this elf… I know he is a god! The world must know, I must spread his name in Faith!”

Tenzai was awestruck. The lad had grown to be 92, but not insane. He could not account for his ‘visions’ though, and Zaekai had a look about him that he had not seen before. A look of confidence and assurance, absolute certainty that what he believed was correct… Faith. Tenzai could not allow him to stay at the church with these beliefs however. He pointed Zaekai towards Forest Lake, “Northeast of here is the main city of Helantha, Forest Lake. If you have this much Faith in your god, you’ll have to begin a journey there, prove yourself, and spread your word.” So his journey had begun.

Along the way to Forest Lake with a regular caravan from Forserin, the dreams became more vivid and clear. He learned more about Corellon and what he understood to be his likes and dislikes. He learned a few common prayers said to Corellon and saw great battles that Corellon emerged triumphant from… he always seemed to brandish his longsword with great skill. The next day, Zaekai made an oath to his god that he would honor him in the ways he best knew how… With use of longsword and magic. He practiced using his sword in combine with the spells he cast and although it was difficult it strangely felt more comfortable. Upon arrival at Forest Lake, he saw an advertisement for work in an army and it seems as though nobody noticed it. “I need to become more powerful to serve Corellon!” he thought to himself as he took the tab and started off.

Opinions of Characters Met

Kato: A suspicious character but he has a good personality. At times a bit cowardly but this might be a result of him trying to gain the advantage in encounters perhaps. He is one of the two of the group that hasn’t outright accused me of being insane as well, so that’s a plus. He helped me meet Airl and has a way with words… I can see us becoming good friends. Despite the hint of cowardice, he has taken a leadership role for the group very well. His ambition is great as well, pushing him to ask for grand promotions or titles which seems to me a bit arrogant after our recent promotion to knighthood. I hope he finds at least some satisfaction with himself after losing this rank in Zombane.

Cedrick: A scary halfling who seems to take a liking to causing trouble and spilling the blood of his enemies on him. He has immense power but his personality is contrast to mine in some ways. He seems devoted to law and order though and maintains some faith to a concept which is good. His work with the dead and winston is very troubling though. Perhaps I can convert him in the future… I think my efforts might be wasted on him though and Corellon wouldn’t appreciate his work either. His new minion army is disgusting in my opinion, I have respect for Cedrick, but you won’t find me hanging around him unless necessary.

Inixia: Despite centaur being known as a more savage race she immediately comes off as strong and kind. I’m shocked she actually accepts my god as a very real possibility though, fighters like her would usually disregard thoughts about divine power and the like. I’m fond of the fact that my spells have been of benefit to her as well, open gratitude for the gifts of Corellon makes me happy. I wish she could control her temper, it’s going to accost her and the party sooner or later. Her and Airl seem to get along quite nicely which also makes me happy.

Brytl: What to say… a reclusive nature is normal for arcane casters like he but he is not very cautious. Also I find it strange that he did not know of Cedrick’s nature despite travelling with him, surely he’s more intelligent than that. Perhaps with time he’ll open up to us and prove to be useful to the group. His visions are astounding, but I can’t explain them… he strikes me as even more suspicious and troubling. I wonder why he’s always talking to vermin, it seems vile, but his summons reflect his apparent desire to become closer to them. Now he has revealed to me that he is a skeleton… yet he has his own free will. Just what kind of a being is he? Perhaps only time will tell, I hope he has come to peace with himself at the scar.

Egar Sr: An odd fellow, I find it very strange that he allows us, a random group of adventurers lodging and consistent meals. What motives are here? Maybe there is something special about our fates perhaps that he can divine magically. He has knowledge about Corellon though, and has told Airl and I about Zombane where I may find more information. The group favors him as he pays very well, which is nice but makes little difference to me. He has gone back on his word to teleport us back, but having reached the town it’s easy to see he may have been preoccupied.

Egar Jr: A little more in tune with things than Sr despite having a bad reputation. He keeps himself busy with the magic shop so I could see why he needs us to perform some tasks to keep the kingdom running smoothly. Unfortunately, it looks like he has passed before we could get to know him any better.

Joe, the Omnipotent Guard: A wily guard with knowledge of a great many things. At first I was surprised Egar Sr didn’t entrust him with some of the mundane tasks, but upon reflection I can understand why he’d want to keep him close. He’s been awarded some upgrades, seems like he’s being given some recognition for his awesome power.

Lance: We’ll see what happens in the future in regards to him. I’m not going to change loyalties though, even for a large bag of coin. Seems like he’s causing more trouble for our country, he might be a threat to us soon. The more I see, the less I like. He has become the prime target with the assassination of the Pegasons and Egar Jr.

Airl: An attractive elven girl interested in magic. She may make a fine follower of Corellon too, especially after the word of the great Egar has reached her about him. It would be nice if she decides to adventure with us. I’m really thankful I could convince her father not to disown her, it will be my priority to keep her safe. She has a courageous side in the face of danger and a strong desire for adventure. Perhaps we can practice on some of the elven steps that Corellon is so fond of… Regardless, I’ve taken a liking to her and more help is always appreciated in a dangerous world. She wants a serious relationship, I can tell, but I will wait til our first Lateu’quor to determine if she is suitable – she has to be devoted to Corellon as I am.
I’m proud she has finally tapped into the power I knew she had. With my guidance and her strength of spirit I’m sure she’ll realize her dreams to their fullest. Corellon bless the both of us on the crusade I’m pleased to share with another.
Lateu’quor was everything I could have hoped for, Airl and I have built a strong connection and Corellon has smiled upon us.

Kelien: A simple father with an understandable desire to keep his daughter’s head over her shoulders. I intend to keep her safe while protecting the rest of the group as best I can, Corellon help me. This blacksmith has lent a hand with the goblin stakes, we may rely on him in the future.

Xaniril: The first decent halfling we’ve met along our journey. He even felt inclined to hear about Corellon which is very rare but has been more common as of late. From what I could overhear he may even know Cedrick somehow. It’s a small world after all.

Lord Victor: Seemed fine to start things off, being a new lord is a rough undertaking I’m sure. This bit about his magician brother and him leaving to Zombane is troubling. Either he isn’t as loyal to the country as he should be or a more sinister plot is afoot.

Leven: A very polite and silent elf, an unusual type to say the least. We haven’t spoken much beyond formal greetings, he seemed to like the recent festivities and he’s quick to the ale which is fine. I wonder though what his background is, including where he gets that frightening power of his. Perhaps he will share his past with us as time goes on.

Zaekai Cloude

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