Searching The Night

Searching the Night Adventure Log
Its adventure not stupid

Do we have to go down there?


After talking with Elise they worked out a contract to find the source of the problem in the sewers and set off. At the cave entrance they noticed that the bars on the grate had been eaten away by what appeared to be a gelatinous cube. They also noticed that there was a path following the shallows of the lake. Our adventurers followed this path to the north through the rest of the day and camped at night. The next morning they were attacked by 5 wolves and a dire wolf which they were able to dispose of without much issue. Afterward they continued following the path left by the cube which lead a trail that lead to the east. Being pretty sure that the trail lead to the destroyed northern outpost our adventurers turned around and headed back to the town for the night. During the night Cedrick abducted the halfling bar maid and took her into the sewers. After setting up an alter, Winston saw a gelatinous cube and Cedrick throw the halfling bar maid into it before running out of the sewers and letting Kato know what they had found. In the morning, everyone met with Elise again to get paid and set up another contract to take care of the problem. An agreement was reached and into the sewers was the next stop for the adventurers. In the sewers they found 3 gelatinous cubes and a small halfling girl which Cedrick “took care of.”

Where did he go?

Date 10/10/12

On the way out of the mine the adventurers ran into a powerful goblin. Before any talking could be done Inixia attacked the goblin and got hurt pretty badly. Kato was the next to go down or so the goblin thought. Before the goblin could do any more damage Cedrick and his quick wit put a bag of holding without a bag of holding and sent the goblin into another plane. On the way back they ran into a possible problem with wolves but the wolves turned out to just be hungry and stopped following once they were left some goblin meat. Once they got back to Forest Lake there was a huge party at the U Inn. During the party Cedrick tried to talk up another halfing which wanted nothing to do with him, Kato talked to a few elf ladies. Inixia had a little fun with Gord, who was hurt earlier in the day, Brytal spent the time studing while Zakei talked to a elf lady named Airl about the ways of his god.

Goblins Everywhere!

Date 10/3/12

The next day our adventurers all meet up and get the supplies they had asked for. The only thing they were not able to get was the barrels of pitch from the Reclamation Guild due to an unfortunate accident. After about 2 hours travel to the north our adventurers found the mine that the goblins were occupying. None of the goblins put up any fight and one gave up some information on where they were from before meeting his end by Winston’s blade.

Return to the Manor

Date 09/26/12

The next day our adventurers met with Egar again. After turning in the box they found out why Egar had chosen them. They were also able to meet the leader of the south, Egar’s son, Egar Velantha Jr. After getting their next mission from Egar Jr. and further instructions from Egar they set off to Forest Lake. Kato and Cedrick ran off to the Guild Hall as the rest of the group traveled around town looking for items. After a while they all met back up at Egar Jr. Magic Shop and were able to get some of the items they needed for their next task. After getting items from Egar Jr., Kato and Zaekai headed back to the manor for the night while everyone else stayed at a inn within Forest Lake near the castle.

Which way will they go

Date 9/19/12

As nightfall hit, our adventurers approached the gates as travelers looking for a place to stay. After talking to a guard on horse they were advised something was going on around town and it would not be a good idea to stay here for the night. Our “travelers” were really tired and wanted a roof over their heads for just one night. After paying 600 gold they were allowed into the town for the night. As they walked behind the guard to the inn there were bodies, assumed dead, scattered everywhere. Once they got to the inn no one was there to greet them so they looked around and found an older dwarf in a corner. He was nervous and huddled in the corner, Cedrick took a look at him but was not able to save the dwarf from death. After clearing out the inn, from dead bodies, the adventures went around town and saw that the barracks was heavily guarded; however, they still needed to get in there for the box that Egar wanted back. They set a trap by the inn to take out some of the patrols, the first group of patrols the plan went off without a hitch, the second group saw the adventurers hiding so Cedrick quickly distracted them by asking if he could check their health. They agreed and the rest of the group took out the guards one by one. Still thinking there was two more groups of patrols they set their trap back up and waited. No patrols showed up anymore, down the street they saw the guard they had been talking to go back toward the barracks. After checking the gates, our adventures made their way to the barracks to find it was not guarded anymore. They slowly entered the barracks but it was completely empty with no one to be found. That is until they went upstairs and heard someone casting a spell. Up the stairs was a stone door that was trapped as Kato found out when trying to open it. Kato quickly disabled the trap and they entered through the door to find a person sitting in the center of the room seemingly waiting for them. After talking with this stranger they found out his name was Lance and he was the one that took the box from Egar but he had a proposal for all of the adventures. They decided not to take the deal he proposed at the time due to gold flow issues on Lances part but accepted that Lance would get with them later. Lance went through a hidden door and vanished. When our adventures exited the barracks they found all the wooden buildings in town were completely engulfed in flames. Kato quickily gathered what he could and the next morning they headed back to Forest Lake Manor. On the way to Forest Lake Manor a dire bear interrupted camp one night and went straight after Zaekai. The bear was distracted by Inixia attacked him. After taking town Inixia the dire bear tried to get away but Inixia was saved somehow, and chased the bear down and killed it. The rest of the trip went by uneventfully and they all made it back to Forest Lake Manor safely.

And so it begins

Date 9/12/12

Our adventures meet up in front of Egar Velanta’s manor, where they find out that there are five people in total that were summoned by the tabs from the signs. After having dinner with Egar and finding a little bit about what he needs them for, Egar gave his new adventurers information about their first assignment. After a little negotiation between Egar and Kato the price was settled, including a bonus for it being done by a specific time. After dinner everyone went to bed with Cedrick and Brytl staying outside for the night. The next morning Egar teleported everyone just outside a northern city in a somewhat odd location about 2 days away from Forest Lake. An ambush was set to get access to the city without being noticed, after successfully getting uniforms the adventurers gained access to the city without any trouble at all. Brytl and Cedrick found a back entrance into the barracks and found their way into a huge water supply underground and poisoned it. After poisoning the water everyone made their way back out of the city to wait for nightfall.


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