Searching The Night

A Lance Broken


With the knowledge that they had some time to prepare, they rough out a rudimentary ambush. Not much time passes before some arrows fly forth, paralyzing Leven and Brytl, knocking them out completely. The enemy is still cloaked, Cedrick uses detect magic and realizes there are two figures at the keep entrance. The party makes a mad dash forward, launching spells and attacks at the area. They sap the strength and power of Lance while Kato attempts to apprehend the gnome wizard, both of which lose their invisibility. Cedrick seals Lance in the dagger he received from Xaniril, taking him out of the fight and severing the mind control Lance had on the gnome cleric accomplice. Zaekai tries to reason with Kato to stop before he finishes off the gnome. Cedrick explains what his dagger does and the rest of the group says his idea is no good, they need to kill him now. They heal their wounds and buff up some before releasing lance from the prison by having one of Cedrick’s zombies stabbed. All members now prepared to unleash devastating attacks, Lance quickly falls to Cedrick’s shadow cohort, Void, becoming a shadow himself. He explains he was not the one who killed Egar Jr, and actually genuinely wanted their aid in his own personal army. Lance, who had already unlocked the portal door, helps them avoid damage from a trap he set as well, proving already somewhat useful to his new masters. The only thing left to do is to enter the portal, and start off in the new land.

A New Comrade


After reaching the surface and tasking Rock with reconstructing the mine, the party also detours to the inn north to meet up with Garula. Kato also mentions that the old northern fort is now his and that Garula can begin construction of the new guild there. The party heads back to Forest Lake when Airl’s pet alerts them to an attack by other dire wolves. After rescuing the elf from the dire wolf, he introduces himself as Leven, a resident of Forest Lake that now works for Egar and is interested in exploring the world. A party unfolds once more at the U inn for the night. The next day, Egar completes some simple enchantments and delivers some new items to them at the manor. After these tasks are completed, the lord discusses his new mission for them over dinner. They have grown in power and he has tasked their group, which Leven has joined, to kill Lance and enter the portal to Zombane for at least 6 months. Along with Egar’s teleportation, the party should be 1 hour ahead of Lance if they leave now. They agree to, and find themselves in Andovel once more. The negative energy hits them immediately after leaving the village, causing a few of them to be shaken by it. After some travel, they find the portal, a magical area invisible to them until they get near. They survey this area and prepare for Lance himself.

The Sleeping Dracolich


Our heroes finish last minute business in Grace Grove before taking Egar’s teleport back to Forest Lake. With no delay, they set off back to the old mine that was infested with goblins, to once more rid it of any unsavory interlopers. After some investigation, it appears that the mine is still clear and they begin shifting away the rocks at the end of the mine. Cedrick orders Rock to have this mine setup to be used once more while his shadows begin searching the long halls deep within the mine. By nightfall, his shadows discover a large undead creature of sorts that they cannot clearly identify. The group make way to this entrance and discover a sleeping, undead dragon that Cedrick mentions is a dracolich. He moves forward, leaving the rest behind and speaks to it, using the dark speech. Some conversation proves to Cedrick that this dracolich is indeed powerful and Egar mentions that this creature was likely the one that he had sealed many years ago to end the great dragon war. Cedrick agrees that he will do anything in his power to free this creature from his cell if he aims his attacks at the north and he shakes with the dracolich sealing the deal. The rest of the group plead with Cedrick that it is not a wise idea to let out a powerful entity that they cannot control and they begin working their way back to the surface.

A Restless Night


Part of the group wanders about the area, inspecting the buildings while Inixia and Zaekai try to understand the strange darkness. Disgusted with the result of the battle, Kato heads back to the militia’s campsite to have them come back and tear down the bugbear camp. Cedrick passes by the darkness and it slowly dissipates, undead creatures of some kinds emerge and offer their services to him. Cedrick’s shadow kills some of the bugbears, creating additional shadows under its control while he raises some skeletons from the other dead bugbears. Kato brings back Airl and the peasants, who aid cedrick’s minions with the process of tearing down the buildings. Airl introduces her new pet and explains that her powers have awakened. They bring the bugbear’s supplies and camp back to Grace Grove and seek out lord Victor. Victor acts strangely and Zaekai senses a magical aura about him, and moves to dispel it. After more examination, the group assumes that the magical effect may have been a shield of sorts and that the North may attack that night. The party arrange for the lord to stay the night in the castle, and for the guard to be bolstered within and outside. Egar teleports in and protects the castle from magical teleportation, opting to stay the night and explain the mission to check the portal to Zombane. Brytl produces the strange map they had found at the bugbear camp, and Egar identifies it as an ancient map of the land, including some of the Zombane land. Zaekai sets up his first Corellon shrine while Kato sells goods collected from the fort.

An Unsurpassable Enemy?


Combat begins between the group and they realize after several attempts that their attacks simply do not connect with either enemy and the enemies’ attacks inflict no harm. Inixia charges off and destroys the remaining supply buildings, finding rations and other equipment. Zaekai uses detect magic and realizes that the creatures before them are made up of some type of necromantic energy. Unable to restrain these bugbears, they move toward each other once more and Zaekai sees the auras overlap. Suddenly, they inflict some serious damage and are susceptible to damage themselves. At this point, Inixia breaks the last building down and discovers a truly strange darkness that emanates from inside. Deciding to not investigate further, she decides to head back to the rest of the group who exchange fierce blows with the conjured bugbears. Lord Victor in Grace Grove, uses a powerful magic to restore the strength and abilities of the group as they continue their onslaught. The magical bugbears are slowly being bested by the party’s effort, and they begin to split apart from each other. Kato uses a flight ability to chase the one fleeing into the forest while Inixia tries to grapple the one heading the opposite way into the camp. They cannot keep up with these creatures of speed, the one before Kato hides and he heads back to the camp. The one Inixia was keeping inside Cedrick’s swarm simply disappears from sight. Some anger sets in as they kill some of the remaining, cowardly bugbears. While the depression of defeat sets in to the main party, Airl’s powers awaken during intense combat and the citizens continue to flee toward the camp they setup earlier that day.

The Bugbear Camp


The group prepare for the light journey before them and Cedrick gathers his citizen militia, equipped to launch a fire attack. Two days of journey through the forest lands them just outside the camp and they make final preparations for the assault while waiting for nightfall. The militia launches their fire arrows, setting fires off inside the camp and immediately retreat with Airl as the rest of the group moves forward to fight. Devastation erupts from Cedrick’s new fireball wand and they soon tear the front gate down. Smoldering ashes and bugbears surrendering is all that’s left of their forces, except for two slightly more dangerous looking ones. After the group exchange warped formalities with them, it becomes clear that these two are about business and refuse to negotiate peacefully. The battle… is to be continued.

The Number One Threat to Halavent.... BUGBEARS!


Having retrieved an attack schedule from this lot of bugbears, the group readies the wagon and moves to attack them instead, notifying the actual caravan to stay behind. Cedrick begins creating a new minion while Brytl has a strangely real vision of his past. The group wreck their wagon into this bugbear ambush. After some intense combat, Egar places Cedrick and Brytl into the fight as well, sensing danger. The fight persists for a while, but ends with the bugbears’ defeat. Cedrick manages to charm one and convince it to work as an underling for him. Striking a hard bargain, the bugbear Rock joins the group as they make way back to Grace Grove. They clear Rock’s name within the government and inform Victor about the bugbears’ headquarters. Agreeing on a price that works for both parties, they relax that day and prepare some of the citizens for a large scale assault while collecting some new goodies from Egar.

Grace Grove Awaits


The adventures finally make it to Grace Grove and find the guards are very relaxed and do not even questions them as they enter town. After meeting with the town’s lord and setting up a time to meet later, Kato along with Cedrick and Inixia go to visit the leader of the Artifact Reclamation Guild of Grace Grove. Which was not to happy to see Kato without payment which Kato had sent off months ago.

After having dinner (and a show) with the town lord the adventures wait till the morning to start a patrol along the roads to Grace Grove. Bugbears are the only thing to be found at this point.

On the Road Again


As our adventures prepare to leave Gurhana they run into a halfling that invites them for breakfast. They find out his name is Xaniril and he is from Grace Grove. Even after what happened the previous night with the other halflings Xaniril asked the party if he can join them in their trip back to Grace Grove. The party agrees to take him to Grace Grove for 500 gold. They eat breakfast than get ready to set out. Other than a run in with a pack of wolves, two of which were dire wolves, the trip went by without much problem. About a day from Grace Grove Xaniril thanks the party and pays them their money before leaving to visit an unnamed friend who lives in the woods by Grace Grove. Once Xaniril takes off into the woods Brytl disguises himself to look like Zaekai and takes off into the woods with Cedrick to follow Xaniril. After a few minutes of following Xaniril, Brytl loses track of where he went and starts to search for him without any success. Xaniril shows himself as Brytl is looking and starts to question why Brytl was following him, thinking it was Zaekai of course. After a few minutes of talking Cedrick decides to stop the questioning by summoning a swam of wasps to attack Xaniril. After getting stung Xaniril takes off and doesn’t stop until Cedrick talks as his normal self and also reveals himself. After talking for a few more minutes in the woods Xaniril leads Brytl and Cedrick back to the camp. Before Xaniril leaves Cedrick reveals his true name is and is given a dagger from Xaniril.

Good times in Gurhana


Our heroes travel for a week before finally reaching a small city they recognize as Gurhana from their maps. They decide to stay the day there, to relax and clean up. Kato and Cedrick case possible establishments to steal from while Zaekai spreads the word of Corellon at the town hall of this small city. Brytl decides to start speaking with natural vermin in the sewers after reading a bit of his new book and is soon ambushed. These halflings manage to force Brytl away after some lengthy combat, but Kato and Cedrick manage to finish them off. Having warned the guard about this possibility, Cedrick raises a fuss with the governor over the matter. In the end, it would appear these halflings are hired men from Grace Grove sent to take out Brytl and Winston. With no other leads to go on, they decide to rest this night at the inn and continue to Grace Grove.


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