Forest Lake

Capital City of Helantha

Population of about 500,000

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Capital of Helantha this beautiful, and powerful city is the capital of the northern territory of Halavent. Forest Lake was originally started by Pangeon Calmcali with hopes of getting away from his father and brother. After 20 years it was clear that Pangeon had created a successful city that was growing and becoming more powerful everyday. Pangeon was assassinated by what was thought to be an agent of the north after just 300 years of power and was followed by another elf named Kevhand Silentread. Kevhand got his revenge by assassinating Pangeon’s brother for what he had done. Kevhand also kept building the army of Helantha to match the forces of the north. Kevhand was finally forced to step down because of sickness and being unable to lead the growing country. At which point a wizard by the name Egar Velanta takes over leadership of Helantha. Egar never agreed with the war that was happening at the scar and tries to end the war but is unable to do so. 90 years later Egar Velantha has aged and steps down leaving the title to his son, named Egar Velanta Jr. Due to the recent attacks on Forest Lake Egar Jr decided to appoint a figure head to the Lord position and stays behind the scenes making the calls. Lord Elice Pagason and his wife Lady Brenda Pegason are thought to be the leaders of Forest Lake.

Forest Lake

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