Gathina Army

Solider Count: Only known to Heath Justar and Alion Mithereil


The Gathina Army was first created by Ricneiros Calmcali to revenge his father’s assassination. Thinking it was Helantha that assassinated his father he sent the building army to the south. The first army to be sent south was roughly 5000 soldiers strong. To their surprise they were met head on by the Helantha Army.

The army continued to grow after Ricneiros was gone from power. After taking power, Lord Calmcali increased the size of the army by 10 fold making the army over 50,000 people at the time. The army was continued to be sent south meting Helantha head on and growing the Halavent Scar the whole time.

Once Lord Calmcali gave power to Heath Justar the army had over 100,000 soldiers and Heath wanted to grow the army even more. At this point they started using clerics to rise some of the previously killed soldiers. With the undead and soldiers combined the exact count of the army became to many to keep track of. The clerics rising the dead were using more resources from around the Halavent Scar than ever before.

Gathina Army

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