A beautiful world covered with forests, oceans, swamps, deserts and beautiful cities.

Main land is separated into a northern and southern half by a battlefield. This battlefield is known as the Halavent Scar. This area continuously has army’s eating away at the resources of this beautiful planet.

To the south is the great civilization of Helantha the capital Forest Lake is located in the middle of Southern Halavent. Lord Egar Velanta is thought by many to be the leader of Forest Lake however he is not although he was at one time.

To the north is another great civilization of Gathina instead of standing cities there are many forts. The capital city is used mostly for recruiting for the Gathina Army is located in the northern tip of the country. Even though Uthilwe is surrounded by snow fields the city itself has a controlled temperature year round.

The years are measured by the full moons. On the day after the 4th full moon the new year starts. To date there has been 6826 full moons according to the capital cities. Which makes it half way through the year 1706. Even though the year is 1706 the world is much older than that and no one knows exactly how old it is.

Before the start of tracking time:
The tribes that started Helantha and Gathina were together. Elven tribe Calmcali was a peaceful tribe lead by Valandil Calmcali who had 2 sons. The two sons would later create the capital cities of Forest Lake and Uthilwe. At the beginning, of these feature capital cities, they were peaceful and traded goods quiet often. Northern parts of the world needed the metals from the south and the south needed food from the north.

Year 50:
After many years the cities finally became what they are today. After 200 full moons both cities celebrated the 50th year of existence on their own away from their father. This was also the first time an attack happened on either city. Actually both cities were attacked by what seemed to be each other. From this point on the peace between the cities would be forever broken.

Year 126:
Almost 100 years of battling the war started to increase in size. Small attacks on villagers became assassination attempts on leaders, this lead to both cities creating mass armies and sending them at each other. The first armies sent out at each other had more than 10,000 units a side.

Year 333:
The brothers are no longer in charge of the cities and have passed away due to assassinations that happened at the same time.

Year 778:
War continues to rage. A Scar has begun to form because of the combat.

Year 1593:
A scar that can be seen from miles has separated the north and south. As many has 10 mass graveyards on each side have been forming for the last 1200 years. Even though there is still faith for the gods. Avatars have not been seen by any spiritual leaders in 500 years and no god has said anything to any of their followers in has long as well.

Year 1600:
The Helantha and Gathina armies are estimated to be over 500,000 strong on each side. Lord Egar Velantha takes over has lord of Helantha and tries to end the war against Gathina.

Year 1690:
After 90 years of uneasy peace between the Helantha and Gathina Lord Heath Justar takes over as lord of Gathina. He gained the title after another leader was assassinated and no one would step up to the position. Lord Justar vowed to destory the south and end the war once and for all. Due to aging Lord Egar Velantha steps down and his son Egar Velantha Jr. takes his place.


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