Majestic Land of Halavent

Capital City: Forest Lake
Lord of Helantha: Lord Elice Pegason
Lady of Helantha: Lady Brenda Pegason

South of the Halavent Scar the Land of Halantha is ruled by the Lord and Lady Pegason. With the help of Lord Egar Velanta the capital city Forest Lake was founded and grow quickly into the largest city on halavent. Many resources available to the citizens of this great kingdom have been found and this has been greatly helpful in the war against Gathina.

Places to Visit:

Helantha was once part of the Elvan tribe Calmcacil when the brothers of Valandil took over from their father they decided to separate the tribe into two sections. The younger brother founded Helantha when a he came across a huge lake surrounded by what seemed to be a endless forest. In the forest was a ton of animals that could be traded for his older brother’s metals from the north. Forest Lake was then founded on the shore of the lake within the forest.

Once both brothers had established cities they started keeping track of the moon and based their years off that. The day after 200th moon cycle an attack happened on Forest Lake. The attackers carried the flag of the older brother’s nation. Peace was ended on this day.

The east of Helantha there is a ridge of mountains that most fear to much to cross. There is a guard house for the only road that leads through the ridge to kill the creatures that come from the mountain. Only one person has been through the pass. Even though he never came back through the pass his name is well known around the Helantha area. Egar Velanta is the only known person to travel through the pass but will not share his advantures.


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