Capital City and only known city of Gathina

Orginally formed by Belkas Calmcali Uthilwe is at the northern tip of the country and is surrounded by snow but once past the walls of the city no winter gear is needed as the weather is controlled by druids. Belkas built the city as a trading center for the rest of the world and a mining base for the Canadel Mines. After trading the stone from the Canadel Mines to his brother Pangeon Calmcali for furs and food from the south, he was assassinated by what was thought to be the same people he was trading with.

After Belkas’ assassination his son took over as leader of the Northern Country and Uthilwe. Ricneiros Calmcali started to create a large army to attack the south and sent the massive army south where it was met head on by the Helantha Army after Belkas’ brother was assassinated. After many years, Ricnerios began to get sick and even though he wanted to lead the army still was unable to. Even though the war was not at Uthilwe’s gates many thought the sickness was caused by unnatural causes. However, this was never confirmed. Ricneiros continued to command the army from Uthilwe through commanders for another 5 years before passing away on his way to the Halavent Scar one last time.

Richeiros son took the role after his fathers death. No one ever knew his name everyone called him Lord Calmcali and nothing else. During his reign he used Uthilwe as a recruiting post for the Gathina Army and a training station as well. He more than tripled the size of the army which was already larger than the army to the south. Lord Calmcali also tried to start trade to other parts of the world again but was unsuccessful in finding any other towns to trade with.

Lord Calmcali stepped down from leadership and was in the air on who to give the title to. Alion Mithereil and his son Heath Justar both had great leadership abilities but his heritage gave out and he granted his son the title of Lord.

Heath Justar wasted no time in making changes to Uthilwe. First order of business was to name Alion Commander of the Gathina Army. He also moved the training station in Uthilwe to the town of Beleak. This would allow Gathina to truly focus on recruiting the best soldiers for the army. It would also separate Heath from Alion who needed to train the army.


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