Searching The Night!

All over the world of Halavent signs start appearing for Lord Egar Velanta, a well known scholar, who’s work has always been endanger of being stolen. Reports are that he has not only had guards of his manor retire, but also someone leaking his work to the Gathina army. Known for great pay and rewards made by him. Many will try to apply but few will meet his standards.

Below is the advertisement that has been seen popping up around the Halavent.

Private Army Looking For Adventurers

Duties Include:

  • Guarding
  • Diplomacy
  • Missions

Come to Forest Lake Manor For More Information

Pay waiting for qualified adventurers

Lord Egar Velanta

As adventurers approach there is no rip tabs on it. For some adventurers a tab appears at the bottom with a date and time. For others nothing appears. Each of the adventurers selected are given a time to come to Forest Lake Manor.

See what has happened in the past in the Adventure Log

Searching The Night

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