Searching The Night

A New Comrade


After reaching the surface and tasking Rock with reconstructing the mine, the party also detours to the inn north to meet up with Garula. Kato also mentions that the old northern fort is now his and that Garula can begin construction of the new guild there. The party heads back to Forest Lake when Airl’s pet alerts them to an attack by other dire wolves. After rescuing the elf from the dire wolf, he introduces himself as Leven, a resident of Forest Lake that now works for Egar and is interested in exploring the world. A party unfolds once more at the U inn for the night. The next day, Egar completes some simple enchantments and delivers some new items to them at the manor. After these tasks are completed, the lord discusses his new mission for them over dinner. They have grown in power and he has tasked their group, which Leven has joined, to kill Lance and enter the portal to Zombane for at least 6 months. Along with Egar’s teleportation, the party should be 1 hour ahead of Lance if they leave now. They agree to, and find themselves in Andovel once more. The negative energy hits them immediately after leaving the village, causing a few of them to be shaken by it. After some travel, they find the portal, a magical area invisible to them until they get near. They survey this area and prepare for Lance himself.


Obison Zaergo

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