Inixia Zyn

Barbarian Centaur


Rilanya Zyn grew up in the peaceful village of Amavan deep within the [[Tash’rin Forest]]. Mild climate enabled the centaurs to gather food year-round and the nearby river provided a steady supply of fish. These idyllic conditions made cause for travel rare among the villagers. This simple life was all young Rilanya had known- until she met Ennix. The girlish centaur was out gathering berries when she first saw the satyr. He had the most handsome face she had ever seen- dark, piercing eyes, a dazzling smile, and even the contour of his horns was a fine contrast to his chiseled face. Ennix regaled Rilanya with stories of his many travels, complimented her features with honeyed words, and shared with her a variety of exotic dried fruits and wine. The plain centaur had never felt so beautiful nor had so much attention lavished upon her. They spent several passionate days together before Ennix told her that he must return to his journey. Rilanya pleaded to go with him, but Ennix assured her that his travels would bring him back to the forest soon. He promised to take her away with him then, if she still wished it. When she returned home, many of her tribe members asked where she had disappeared to. Rilanya responded that she had been spending time with a new friend and answered additional questions only with a furtive smile. She would not tell them about Ennix, not till he came back for her. Rilanya knew they wouldn’t understand, that they would chide her because of the reputation satyrs had. Ennix was so kind and charming; she knew he was not like other satyrs.

Ennix was like other satyrs. He continued on his journey, seducing more naïve females along the way. When he did travel past Amavan months later, he had all but forgotten about the gullible centaur he had beguiled. By that time, Rilanya’s pregnancy was obvious. Females her age teased her about the identity of the father, but she remained silent. Older centaurs wondered which tribe member was her partner; they had not noticed any of the males spending time with her. Eventually, Rilanya gave birth to a baby girl. The midwife cooed at the infant as she cleaned it, then stopped suddenly and handed the baby to the new mother. Rilanya looked at her child for the first time and saw she had a beautiful face, dark eyes, and small horns above her temples. Rilanya’s heart sank; Ennix hadn’t returned for her. She had been a fool and her baby would be proof of that to all in her tribe. Still, her heart ached for Ennix, and she could see some of him in her daughter’s face. Deciding to give him a name similar to his, Rilanya named her child Inixia.

Most of the tribe members did not congratulate Rilanya or fawn over the new baby; they correctly assumed the young mother was ashamed and they did not wish to call attention to her indiscretion. Although many centaurs thought Rilanya simple to have fallen for the advances of a satyr, no one wished mother or child ill-will, and Inixia was considered one of the tribe. However, she was teased by children her age because of her horns and absent father. Inixia was initially hurt by the jeers of other children when she was very young, but bruised feelings lead to frustration and then anger.

She was ten when an insult from another girl prompted Inixia to lower her head and charge the child. The look of pain and horror on the girl’s face as blood gushed from her arm filled Inixia with pride and satisfaction. Rilanya rushed over to help the wounded girl and apologize, but the girl’s mother scooped her sobbing child up. The angry mother scowled at Rilanya and told her Inixia’s father would be proud of his vicious daughter. Rilanya took Inixia back to their hut and gave her daughter her first lashing with a switch. People have to pay for their mistakes, her mother kept saying. I’m not the one who made a mistake, Inixia thought. You made a mistake with my father- that’s not my fault. And that girl made the mistake of making fun of me. She deserved what she got. All those kids deserve that, or worse. Inixia gored several more children (resulting in several more whippings) until the teasing stopped; most of them found it safer to leave her alone. That suited her just fine- she liked spending time alone.

Inixia spent a large portion of her childhood making adornments. She enjoyed weaving flowers into crowns or anklets; she learned to made beads out of wood, stain them, and braid them into her hair or tail. She dreamed of one day having colored glass or even gems to craft into baubles to wear. Inixia was proud of her growing horns and attractive features; she liked how they set her apart from the rest of the tribe. Decorating herself with trinkets further separated her from the others, many of whom she didn’t like.

Still, Inixia was not completely friendless. She was quite fond of Jerrin, a somewhat frail light blonde centaur. Although he was several years older, he was a small boy and was often picked on- until the other children noticed that he often spent time with Inixia. As she grew older, Inixia became increasingly beautiful, her features more exotic than those of the full-blooded centaurs. Jerrin grew quite handsome as well, and Inixia hoped he would prefer her over the other homely young females. She was disappointed when he grew a beard similar to what the other males wore; she thought it a shame how he covered his attractive jaw to look more like them. Inixia quickly grew annoyed when he began spending time with Nysha, a female his age. Inixia gently brought the subject up to Jerrin in private and asked why he preferred Nysha. Jerrin told Inixia he was sorry- that he valued their friendship, but he was drawn to Nysha’s sweet and gentle demeanor. Inixia did not let on to her anger. Sweet and gentle- more like simple and weak, she venomously thought. She grabbed a basket and stormed off to collect reeds for weaving. While on her walk, Inixia was startled by a viper. She threw her basket at it, and it landed over the snake, trapping it. Her eyes narrowed and a dark smile crossed her lips. She carefully righted the basket with the snake inside and used her shawl to trap it there. Inixia carried it to Nysha’s empty hut and dumped the snake into a covered basket. She kept herself near the camp and stayed busy until she heard a commotion sometime later. Inixia joined the other centaurs crowding around Nysha’s hut and saw Jerrin being tended to by the tribe’s elder druid. The basket she had placed the viper into was open, a bouquet of flowers dropped near it. Jerrin died later that night.

Inixia accompanied others in visiting Nysha the next morning and gave her condolences. Secretly, she was delighted to see the grief-stricken girl’s heartbreak. Inixia considered the outcome a small triumph- she had won the competition by removing the prize. She felt no sadness for Jerrin’s death- although he had been handsome, he wanted nothing more than a simple life with a plain wife. He could have become someone exceptional, she mused. An idea struck her suddenly- she herself would never transcend these unsophisticated creatures if she stayed in Amavan. Inixia decided right then to leave and become the master of her destiny. She knew her people were a more robust race, and was certain she could take her fortune where she could not earn it. Finally, she could have the luxuries she had always desired. The world had more to offer than her primitive hometown, and at long last she could demand the respect she deserved.

Shortly after Jerrin was buried, Inixia informed her mother she was leaving. Rilanya had always known her daughter desired excitement and wished her well in her travels, also knowing her own stigma would leave with her child. Still, she told Inixia she hoped her daughter would return occasionally for visits and to share stories of her adventures. Rilanya also requested that, should Inixia ever meet Ennix, to ask him to come to Amavan just once to see her again. Inixia agreed, but had no intention on doing so. She thought her mother a simple fool- not only for being seduced, but also for longing to see the rogue again after all these years. If she ever met her father, she intended to ask him for the secret of the satyrs’ pipes. It was her birthright, after all; fey blood coursed through her veins just as it did her father’s. Inixia left Amavan and looked forward to her future. Respect, admiration, wealth, and power would one day be hers, she was sure of it.

Inixia’s Jewelry Box

1 gold forehead band
1 silver forehead band
1 gold coin headband
1 silver coin headband

Horn Adornments
1 pair gold bands
1 pair silver bands

1 simple gold necklace
1 simple silver necklace

1 pair simple gold hoops
1 pair simple silver hoops

4 simple gold bangles
4 simple silver bangles

2 simple gold rings
2 simple silver rings
1 gold signet ring (blank)
1 silver signet ring (blank)

30 various


Grog- Half-Orc guard of Forest Lake
Ogre (Black Dragon)- Inn owner in Wyrmsbane
Korsk- Half-Orc farmhand in Cresden
Gorge- Half-Orc high ranking guard of Cresden

Inixia Zyn

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