The Great Psionic Purge

The night before Belkas Calmcali was assassinated all the psions in Uthilwe fled the city, raising suspicions that they were involved in the murder. Vylorian Laedralen lead all the psions from his academy into hiding, after he shared a disturbing dream with his close friend Jandalar Farhai.

During Lord Calmcali’s reign many laws were passed which prohibited the use, practice, and study of psionics. Upon his assassination the new Lord, Heath Justar, took the paranoia one step further and ordered The Great Psionic Purge, which called for the extermination of every psion in Gathina, beginning with the destruction of Perlon.

An order by Heath Justar to eliminate every psion from Gathina. Commander Alion Mithereil led the campaign, which began with the destruction of Perlon. Caught by surprise, nearly every psion there perished, though, upon inspection of the bodies, it was found that several escaped including, supposedly, Vylorian Laedralen. Some towns along their path were slightly luckier, and most surviving psions either went into hiding or fled to Helantha.

Although nearly all the psions in Gathina perished during the Purge, their connection with the assassinations is still unproven.

The Great Psionic Purge

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